Talking to yourself may seem like a strange weight loss strategy, but in fact it is one of the most effective ways to keep yourself moving forward with strong momentum on your journey to get fit and healthy.

The truth is we talk to ourselves all the time; we are just often not aware of it.  But this talk can either help us lose weight or sabotage our efforts.  Being aware that we are talking to ourselves is key to adopting the right self-talk—that talk that helps us make wise decisions rather than unwise.

The key to talking yourself slim is to speak the cold, hard truth to yourself rather than lies that make you feel good.  But this is harder than it sounds.  Consider the following scenarios:

You know you need to go to your basement and get on the treadmill for thirty minutes.  But you do not want to.  You feel a lazy, bored or would simply rather keep working on the project that you have started.

Scenario number 1   Talk yourself slim talk:  cold, hard truth.  “If you do not go work out, you will lose an entire day of building your aerobic base, holding off heart disease, helping your muscles be more sensitive to insulin, preventing diabetes, causing yourself to think more clearly and relieving stress.   Not only that, but you will lose a little of your momentum.  You have been exercising regularly, but the only way to keep it up is to keep doing it.  Each day you stop, you move closer to losing your traction and slowing down.  What kind of future do you want?  What kind of life do you want in twenty years?  Your decision to go to the treadmill impacts how you will feel and how independent you will be in twenty years.  Go get on the treadmill.”

Scenario number 2  Self-sabotage talk: comforting lies.  “It’s only one day.  Look how great you have been doing in your exercise plan!  You have been working hard.  You deserve a break.  Listen, not exercising one day will not put you in the nursing home in twenty years.  You do not need to worry about diabetes or heart disease.  Just skip it.  There is always tomorrow.  You can jump right back in tomorrow.  Your motivation will be fine.  Just relax and take the evening off from exercise.”

The first scenario is how to talk yourself slim.  You speak truth to yourself and remind yourself of the very real consequences of your decision.  The second scenario is how to sabotage your own weight loss efforts and eventually give up your pursuit of health.

The secret is to consciously speak truth to yourself all day every day.  Remember, you are constantly talking to yourself.  What are you saying?  

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