In his ground breaking book, The Slight Edge, Jim Olson teaches a powerful lesson on how our everyday decisions determine the trajectory of our lives.  It seems like an obvious statement, but the simplicity of it escapes many people.  The good news is that you can use the slight edge to propel you forward and keep you on track to reach your weight loss goals.

Olson explains that the path to success and failure both is paved with small, seemingly insignificant decisions.  These decisions are not hard, but they are important.  What makes the process so tricky is that at the moment those decisions are being made, nothing drastic happens.  In fact, you often can’t tell a difference at all.  

The difference comes after several weeks, months or even years of decision making.  It is the cumulative effects of the decisions that bring the results, and that is what gives you the slight edge.  If you have made wise decisions, then your slight edge will be driving you toward success.  But if you have made unwise decisions, then your slight edge will be driving you to failure.

In your quest for health and weight loss, you can put the slight edge philosophy to work for you and let it set your trajectory for a future in which you not only reach your weight loss goals, but you maintain that weight loss.  All it takes is making hundreds of right decisions every day.  

The secret is to not get disappointed.  You will not see immediate results.  But neither will those people around you whose slight edge is driving them toward more weight gain and future sickness. 

For example, if you go out to eat with a friend, you will each have to decide to make a seemingly insignificant decision regarding what to order from the menu.  The smart decision is to order steamed vegetables, a very small amount of lean protein and water.  The unwise decision is to order a large bacon cheeseburger with fries and a coke.  Will anything drastic happen immediately?  No, not for either of you.  Your decisions are practically invisible and in fact forgotten by the time the day is out.

But in time, consistently ordering the burger will lead to weight gain and heart disease.  And in time, ordering the vegetables and lean protein will lead to weight loss and robust health.  The slight edge comes as a result of millions of small decisions that, over time, create very predictable futures of either success or failure.

Today, make the decision to have the slight edge in favor of your health and weight loss efforts.  Try to be patient and realize that your decisions are building up and will one day (in the not too distant future) bring a huge payoff.  What is in the dark will be brought into the light, and you will shine as everyone notices the results!

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