The biggest hindrance to your weight loss may be procrastination.  Procrastination is when you avoid doing what needs to be done.  Everyone procrastinates, but if you are a habitual procrastinator, you are probably finding it difficult to meet your weight loss and fitness goals.

The problem with procrastination is that it not only results in important tasks being left undone, but it also drains your energy and hinders your productivity.   In his book, Eat That Frog, author Brian Tracy defines that task you keep putting off as a ‘live frog.’  He says that your frog is the hardest, most unpleasant task on your to-do list.  But it is also that task which, when completed, will energize you, fill you with confidence and provide momentum for the rest of your day.

Since that task is hard, however, it is the one that you are most likely to put off and avoid.  But while we are avoiding it, it does not go away.  That frog just sits there, staring at you.  It hangs over your head and steals your productivity.  You dread doing it, and the pressure is paralyzing.

So how do you solve this frog problem?  According to Brian Tracy you need to just eat the frog and get it over with!  Eating that frog means just doing that task that you dread.  Do it early.  Do it as soon as possible every day.  Get it out of the way, and the rest of your day will be great because you have done the hard thing first.  You will be full of energy and confidence after eating that frog, and your productivity will skyrocket!

What is your frog?  Maybe it is your workout.  Working out is hard.  You sweat, get out of breath, become uncomfortable, and it takes time out of your already busy day. It certainly fits the description of a frog!  

What happens when you put it off?  You probably feel guilty, you probably begin doubting your commitment to getting fit, and if you procrastinate long enough, you may end up not doing it at all.

What happens if you just do the workout?  You feel great!  You have energy, you feel fit, you have confidence in your ability to reach other goals, and you probably attack your others tasks with more vigor and creativity.

How about food preparation?  Is this your frog? Preparing healthy food is critical to losing weight, but it takes time, energy, planning and effort.  Do you put off food prep?  What happens when you put it off?  You probably end up eating more fast food and snacks that not only cause additional weight gain but also deprive your body of the nutrients it needs to build health.  

When you have healthy food prepared and ready to eat, however, you not only nourish your body and avoid unhealthy food, but you release yourself from worrying about what you are going to eat and feeling guilty for eating what you know you should not eat.

Take action and decide to eat your frog each day. Do it first thing.  Once you eat the frog, you will set a trajectory of productivity and success for the day, and you will move closer and closer to your weight loss and fitness goals.

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