How well do you keep track of your breathing? Breathing is one of the most important functions of the body of basically every living thing in some form or another. A lot of people forget that even though breathing is mostly involuntary, you can voluntarily affect your health by being more aware of how your breath. Over the next few paragraphs you’ll see a basic breakdown of 

The different ways you can heal your body with breathwork. 

Stress Reduction

Controlled breathing is good for reducing the amount of stress that you experience. When you take time with your breathing, and you breathe effectively, the fresh oxygen that enters your brain causes your brains to release endorphins. These endorphins have various effects on your body, but one of the first recognizable ones is that you will begin to relax. This natural response can help you to rest better at night, calm you down during a heated moment, and bring you peace in a tumultuous day. When things are getting to difficult, you can simply stop, and take slow deliberate breaths. As you feel your shoulders drop, you’ll realize that your mood improves. 

Use It as Meditation

Any time you use a body function as a way to create awareness within yourself and focus on inner peace, it could be said that it is a form of meditation. As you focus on your breathing, you can begin to open your mind a lot more easily. This will allow you to be able to see things in your life such as your choices, and thoughts in a clearer light. Take note of the points where your mind wants to break out of the meditation. This can be were uncomfortable thoughts live. Stop and begin the process again, paying attention your breaths and your thoughts. 

It’s Good for Your Heart

Breathing is closely ties to your heart rhythm. When you breathe shallow, fast breaths, your heart rate increases. This can be bad for a lot of people because it puts them in fight or flight mode and can send their stress levels through the roof. As you learn to control your breathing, slow controlled breathing will result in a healthier heart. Deliberate breathing slows your heart and helps it to maintain a steady beat. Again, these things may take some practice, but it’s worth it to increase your quality of life, and you heal your body. 

For Your Mind

When you first wake up, you might feel groggy and swimmy, but taking the time to breathe deeply can help you to have a healthier brain and be more alert during the day. Right before you eat breakfast, you should take a moment to get your day started right by taking note of your breathing. Make sure you take time to feel your lungs expanding and deflating with each inhale and exhale. Absorb yourself in the movement and rhythm of it, then you can go about your day.  

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