Did you know that there are a lot of forms of meditation? Today, there has been a rise in mainstream interest in these different forms of meditation and the impact that they are having on people’s lives. Many people swear by these forms of meditation, and seek to utilize the things they learn in other areas in their lives. For now, this article will be looking at 7 different forms of meditation, and how each can be used for a different purpose.

1. Loving-Kindness

Do you feel that you should live everyone, even your enemies? Loving kindness meditation is a type of meditation used to create peace within a person. It does this by channeling the natural urge to avoid or dislike things into loving and cherishing energy. When you try to find the power to love something that is uncomfortable, you can grow an attitude of appreciation. This can be done by repeating a love message that is directed towards a person or a thing that has negatively affected you. As you continue to think of the things that bother you, simply place your message of love over the object of focus. This helps you to fight off depression and many aspects of PTSD. 

2. Progressive Relaxation

This type of meditation teaches you to be more aware by having you try to find any part of you that might have a lot of tension. Once the tension is found, then you focus on it until it releases. This can help people who suffer from anxiety, and has some effectiveness for chronic pain. This method relies heavily on visualization so that you can mentally interact with the areas. 

3. Mindfulness

Sometimes it can be easy to attribute negative feelings toward certain environments and situations. In many of these cases, it will be suggested that you use Mindfulness as meditation. This attempts to get you to absorb the sights and sounds of the world around you without any kind of judgment. You stay focused on the day instead of worrying about the past or future.

4. Breath Awareness

Another great form of meditation is breath awareness, which is exactly what it sounds like. You simply focus on your breathing. This can be very helpful towards reducing stress and anxiety. In this technique, you will slowly focus on deliberate breathing for a period of time, and focus on the silence. 

5. Zen

This is typically referring to a type of meditation found in Buddhism. Zen is generally taught by teachers who have studied the positions and breathing found in the Buddhist practices. It takes a bit more practice to utilize but can be rewarding for many people. It fosters peace because you attain through a comfortable position and non-judgmental feelings about your thoughts. This helps reduce stress and anxiety. 

6. Transcendental 

Is a form of meditation that is intended to help the person practicing it to rise above their state of being. It is viewed as a spiritual type of meditation. This form of meditation is generally taught by a teacher who guides the student through training. In most situations the teacher will choose the mantra that the student uses. People have stated that they’ve experienced higher levels of mindfulness after their sessions.  

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