All people are different and each person reacts to their life and the tings in it in a different way, but some people are much more sensitive than others. These people might need to take extra time to get ready for each day because they are affected in more intense ways by things that general people have little or no feelings about. This can cause a lot of misunderstandings and strained relationships. Does that remind you of yourself in anyway? If so, then it’s possible that you are a highly sensitive person. This article discusses attributes that may describe an HSP. 

Do You Think Deeply About Everything?

People who are highly sensitive tend to mull over their thoughts for long periods of time. A lot of times this can spiral and manifest itself in unhealthy ways. Typically, this is seen in obsessive thinking that turns negative very quickly. You might even replay difficult experiences and missed opportunities to say the witty replies that wish you had thought of earlier during a difficult or uncomfortable social interaction. When you fall short of the expectations you set for yourself during those times, punishing thoughts follow. 

Is Change Upsetting for You?

Routines are a refuge for a lot of highly sensitive people. When you can easily track what your day is going to be like, it feels safer and more comfortable. When you run into a new situation, you suddenly feel extremely overwhelmed and you might want to get as far away from the newness of the situation as possible. Even positive changes can bring on a lot of stress for highly sensitive people because they require a bit more time to settle in to the new adjustments.

People Misunderstand You Frequently

How do people view you as a sensitive person? People who observe the sign of your sensitivity might view you as a shy person. Some people even assume that you are an introverted person. When people make those assumptions it’s usually because there are a few similarities to introversion, but more than a third of highly sensitive people are actually extroverted. People will see you out ad catch a glimpse of your discomfort and think that you aren’t having fun, but you’re really just dealing with braving the waves of stimuli. 

You’re Moved by Beautiful Things

Life is full of rich experiences that can affect a person in all kinds of ways. Artwork with amazing colors, and music of different types can move a highly sensitive person in ways that most people aren’t. Sometimes a piece of music can leave you in tears, and other times you feel as though you are falling in love with the ideas and expressions of the artist as the words flow through you. 

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